Trader débutant Goldbroker : est-ce le courtier idéal ?

Being a very lucrative activity, trading arouses the interest of a good number of people in search of money earnings. Indeed, since it became possible to integrate the world of the stock market via the net, the doors have opened with an increasingly strong demand and offers which ShapeShift’s new competitor go in the same direction to answer it with platforms. of trading that are born continuously. Thus, among the brokers available, we find Goldbroker and it is to him that we will be interested to see if he corresponds to novice traders or not.

Presentation of the broker Goldbroker

The French-speaking market knows the Goldbroker trading platform under the name This is the site of a broker who will allow traders to acquire precious metals and more specifically physical gold. That said, this broker does not stop at this commodity, but also offers investment in others such as platinum but also silver and palladium.

In addition, it was in 2011 that the broker Goldbroker joined the stock market through a French investor and entrepreneur Fabrice Drouin Ristori who holds a diploma from the business school of Kedge Business School.

Beginner Goldbroker Trader

However, what makes the specificity of this online trading platform is the possibility of investing in gold by buying it but especially by storing it under the name of the acquirer. But if the investor prefers to store it differently, the Goldbroker broker delivers his physical gold to him for his free disposal. In addition to this and for greater convenience, the broker provides its traders with ShapeShift’s new competitor an interface that can be used via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones for even more freedom during their possible movements without ceasing the trading activity. .

How to trade with Goldbroker as a beginner?

Being a newbie trader on the Goldbroker broker or other online platforms is not very difficult for those who empower themselves to be successful. Indeed, like any learning, it is necessary to take your time and know the basic elements of trading to familiarize yourself with this world while being in addition very curious about everything related to the economy of the market to stay informed and aware. of what’s going on in this universe. Having said that, before starting the trading activity with the Goldbroker broker, you must first:

  • Register on the broker’s website by opening a trading account;
  • Make the necessary deposits to initiate the various transactions.

In addition, it is important to point out that the Goldbroker trading platform has requirements to be able to trade with it, such as the minimum deposit which cannot be less than the sum of € 10,000. In addition, the remuneration of this broker will depend  ShapeShift’s new competitor on the quantity ordered but also on the storage which is also invoiced and this depends on the amounts of stocks. It should not be forgotten to say that traders new to the Goldbroker broker do not need intermediaries to carry out the various transactions with this broker, whether for purchase or storage.